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Hajjah Fuziah Salleh was born in the state of Johor, but she grew up in Pahang, where she received her early and secondary education in Kuantan, before furthering her studies in the United Kingdom after her form five MCE results was announced to pursue her ‘A Levels’.

Graduated in Counselling Psychology from University of Reading, United Kingdom and later completed her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Wales, United Kingdom.

Fuziah currently is a corporate trainer and training consultant for multinationals, corporate institutions as well as NGOs in the area of human resource development as well as women empowerment.

Earlier days of her involvement in society, she was actively involved in NGOs. In the UK, where she headed a youth organisation The Young Muslims UK, (1988-1992) whose members are youths of different races in UK.

On returning to Malaysia, she channelled her contributions in an NGO, Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) as head of women’s wing (1993-1999). Her critical views on women issues was often sought by the media at that time. Fuziah was also member of the Supreme Council NCWO in the year 1995-1997.

Experienced in Counselling various interest groups ranging from youth, students, married couples, and women involved in Domestic Violence both in UK as well as in Malaysia, Fuziah was attached to a state government institution as a counselor in the mid 90’s and was also responsible for the setting up of a voluntary counselling Unit, which is named Unit Kaunseling Islah JIM (1993) where she later became advisor and trainer for the volunteers there. Her vast experience in counselling has also been proven very valuable in helping members of society.

Among her contributions is to initiate work on a shelter home for young girls, Raudhatus Sakinah, which until today has operated into its seventh year.

Fuziah Salleh is currently the National Women Chief of Party Keadilan Rakyat (KeADILan).

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A Family Retreat

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With a dear friend, Irene Fernandez


10 Responses to Profile

  1. Mohd Nor A Hamed says:


    Keep it up Orang Kampung. Good deed .Semoga Allah merahmati anda senantiasa.

    Bye bye

    Mohd Nor
    Mersing Johor

  2. Waalaikumussalam wrt wbt
    Terima kasih.Semoga Allah membalas kebaikan saudara dan kata-kata saudara menjadi doa yang dimakbulkan.

  3. ahmad zaki says:

    a’kum…saya ingin mengenali lebih dekat puan.soalan saya ialah bagaimana boleh saya memberi sumbangan kepada institut ini?apakah bentuk sumbangan yang boleh diberikan?terima kasih…

  4. sheikh says:

    A salam keep to good work may Alllah bless and guide you along the journey.

  5. Orang Kuantan says:

    tahniah atas kemenangan di Pahang
    dengarkan suara anda di parlimen
    kejutkan Pak Lah dari tidur

  6. rafar says:

    saya harap saluran tepat untuk hubungan dua hala yang tidak bersifat terbuka.

  7. AsSalam
    dengarkan lisan anda di dewan rakyat supaya premis judi, arak, massage berlesen di area Kuatan dan Temerloh , Pahe…dihapuskan semua sama suasana di Kota Bharu yang sudah tidak premis maksiat berlesen….supaya remaja tidak terjebak di kancah dosa….Allahu Akbar

  8. izzahanuar says:

    Ini blog basi, kan?

  9. sophine tann says:

    We are a group of people who are extremely worried of the depletion of our natural environment and hope to get some in-depth information of it especially that of the state of Pahang. We believe that of all the MPs you are the one who is most concerned of the matter. It would be most appreciative if we could meet up with you on this matter. Thank you very much.

  10. Cuc says:

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