Hike in Toll vs Road Tax Reduction

December 30, 2006

The announcement by the TPM in road tax reduction is nothing more than a reactionary attempt to play down the huge increase in toll and to appease the rising protest from the people.

A fairer reduction would be to impose no road tax at all to counter the inflationary toll cost. To be really fair, toll collections must be reduced as the government has paid in excess of more than RM700 million to the highway concessions.

An increase of 60 sen one way toll means RM24 at least per month, which is about RM300 a year. So, a mere 10% or so reduction in road tax is meaningless to the people. The BN government continues to burden the people and reward the already rich toll companies.

It clearly shows the lack of integrity and transparency of the UMNO-BN led government when it considers that the dealings and agreements with the highway concessions should remain a secret.

A government sensitive to the people’s problem and hardship is what the people are looking for. That empathy is blatantly misssing in the UMNO-BN government.

Fuziah Salleh


Visits to Flood Victims Centre

December 24, 2006

I visited the victims in Malacca yesterday (Sunday 24th December 2006). One of the sites was based at Bukit Katil. It was not a sight to be proud of, but victims and helpers made the best of what they had and tried to make life bearable without what they were used to having.

Many victims told me of their unfortunate flood experience, which was the first in their lives.

It is an irony when the victims highlighted shortage of water at the centre.

Another irony would be the RM104 million spent on works in upgrading the rivers in Malacca. Much went to “beautifying” them instead of effort and resources toward a better water management project to prepare for any eventuality. The same may be said about almost all the states in Malaysia. In addition, the harmony between rapid development and environment had not posed as the topmost priority issue to be vigorously pursued by some states and federal government projects.

One family had to celebrate Christmas at the centre. I thought perhaps a Christmas tree would cheer them up instantly.

I will try to upload the pictures…


December 24, 2006



Press Statement

22 December 2006




The unfortunate incident experienced by Ji Zhe Hua highlights the weaknesses of the BN Government in solving the the nation’s problems, particularly in resolving the alarming issues in human trafficking and the illegal sex industry, which also involves foreign women. Miss Ji Zhe Hua is a victim of the BN’s weaknesses and the simplistic approach to solving her case and related problems.

KeADILan Women regards the exploitation and commercialisation of women in illegal sex and related issues, which involves foreign women in Malaysia as deplorable incidents. The government must better demonstrate and prove their commitment in eradicating the vice. To merely suspect women visitors from China as prospective prostitutes, intimidating them at entertainment spots and points of entry into Malaysia are purely simplistic attempts in resolving problems.

Getting to the bottom of issues and problems in illegal sex and human trafficking demands a shift in thinking and a change in approach. In the majority of cases, women are the victims of a huge and systematic network of illegal syndicates. Women become victims, therefore, they need help and protection from the authorities, but in reality, the opposite happens. Women are those who are usually captured while the operators of illegal sex and human traffickers remain scot free to continue exploiting women and do as they please, reaping millions in vice oprations.

KeADILlan Women strongly asserts that the BN Government has continually failed to effectively handle the problems of illegal sex and human trafficking, with no clear commitment to put in existence the anti-human trafficking laws.

The incidence of rampant corruption among enforcement personnel has presistently made it difficult to combat the vices and break the syndicates’ operations which continue to flourish day by day.

KeaADILan Women demands the sensitivity and commitment of the BN Government in resolving the problems mentioned, particularly by the Woman Minister, to ensure the liberation of many women from such deplorable condition in Malaysia.


Hjh Fuziah Salleh

Head of Women Wing




Protest against discrimination of a woman visitor from China

December 24, 2006

On 22nd Dicember 2006, I headed a delegation to the Tourism Ministry to submit a protest regarding a woman visitor from China, who had a valid pass to enter Malaysia but was sent home because she lacked sufficient fund and on suspicion that she would be involved in the illegal sex trade.

She was ill-treated by the Immigration officials at the LCC-T complex, not given food and drink and her cell phone taken away from her.

She wished to enter Malaysia to visit her fiance,who was a company director, but traumatic having gone the unfortunate experience with the Immigration Department officials.


Press Statement

22 Disember 2006


Discrimination and Prejudices against Foreign Women from China Must Stop!

A meeting between the Head of the keADILan Women, Hjh Fuziah Salleh and the representatives of the Tourism Ministry, represented by a Special Official of the Minister and its Press Secretary on Friday 22nd December 2006 had raised certain isssues as observed by Wanita keADILan.

The meeting was arranged as a result of an incident where a woman from China was sent home by the Immigration officials based at the LCC-T on 11th December, 2006. She was ordered home even though in possession of a valid pass and multiple-entry permission. Ji Zhe Hua came to Malaysia to visit her fiance but was ordered to return to China because the Immigration officials insisted that she had insufficient funds to stay and was perceived to be involved with the illegal sex industry.

KeADILan Women viewed the situation and other similar incidents as very serious matters. Such action was clearly discriminatory and prejudiced and needed to be eradicated. The negative image acquired may damagingly affect The Visit Malaysia Year 2007, which is just round the corner and where millions have been poured into the project. The risks and losses arising would be enormous and negatively affect the country and the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 campaign.

KeADILan Women demands that:-

  • The Tourism Ministry and the Immigration Department to immediately investigate Ji Zhe Hua’s case and to promptly resolve her attempt to reentry. The incident has actually caused trauma on the part of Ji Zhe Hua in her intention to reenter Malaysia.
  • All government agencies, particularly the Immigration Department and the Tourism Minisry must synchronise their effort effectively and efficiently in terms of procedures in accomplishing government decisions and policies without finding faults and blaming one another.
  • The Immigration Department and all government agencies must eradicate all forms of baseless discrimination and prejudices toward women, especially those arriving from China. Otherwise, all effort and money that has been spent on events such as The Visit Malaysia Year will be futile, wasting the taxpayers’ money and resulting in the country’s negative image.

 KeADILan Women Wing


December 13, 2006



12 December 2006


The Mentri Besar Trengganu, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh has sent an SMS to the media to explain the controversy surrounding the remark by an exco member of the Trengganu State Assembly, Wan Mohd Wan Hassan to award men who took Single Mothers as their new wives. Idris Jusoh has refuted that such an award will be given away by the State Government. The Minister for Women, Family, and Community Development, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has expressed displeasure by saying that such an award will promote polygamy in the state.

Wanita keADILan regards the conflicting opinions as not being the major concern. More importantly, an exco member of the State Assembly whose portfolio was the Affairs of Women and Community Development has actually made the statement regarding such incentive to the press. Such statement highlights that:

1. Leaders of the Barisan Nasional in Trengganu are shallow and narrow minded in their thinking to suggest that the plight of Single Mothers will simply be resolved once they remarry or obtained men who become their husbands.

2. Such statement is sexist in nature as it vilifies Single Mothers and their ability to stay empowered and independent financially and in taking care of themselves and their family’s dignity.

3. The insularity of a women minister who focussed entirely on the viewpoint of anti- polygamy without pursuing a concrete resolve in the Single Mothers’ plight.

4. The programs related to support Single Mothers has failed in Trengganu resulting in the exco member manifesting a widely contradictory, not generally humaly accepted solution.

Wanita keADILan strongly asserts that:

Women, generally, and unfortunate Single Mothers, particularly, are not chattels for whom incentives and awards are offered to men who eventually marry them.

Wanita keADILan firmly holds that:

1. That the state government of Trengganu should allocate any available fund to research and study on how to make programs related to women empowerment for Single Mothers more effective (assuming that women empowerment programs are the priority of the state government).

2. Men, whose sincere intention in marrying Single Mothers to alleviate their plight, with conditions such as:

a. the first wives give their consent and willingly cooperative in helping other unfortunate women

b. the men are capable according to Islamic jurisprudence in all aspects

c. and the Single Mothers believe that such marriage will protect her family’s and her own dignity,

should not be criticised by others for having such pure and commendable intention.

Leaders of the Barisan Nasional must always be alert to the trust placed upon them and to accomplish their duties with care and be able to resolve the people’s plight effectively.

Fuziah Salleh

Head of Wanita keADILan (keADILan Women Wing)


December 4, 2006

Such a weighty word… “loyalty”. Loyalty breeds thoughts and actions. Creative loyalists can breed creatively “superb” thoughts and actions, though not necessarily the right ones by any standard. Loyalty can also have love attached to it. Deep loyalty will see loyalists sacrifice what they have to please whom they are loyal to.

Blind loyalty to someone or something more often seriously, sometimes fatally, ignores the boundary of rights and wrongs. The creation of loyalty involves much investment in human capital, but those often displayed, accompanied by pomp and frills, are the numerous models of capital tied up in concrete structures and institutions. Evidently, much unquestioned loyalty belongs to the powers that distribute those benefits attached to these structures and institutions.

Has there been a conscious effort to re-evaluate the kind of loyalty prevailing in the Malaysian society where players dance to the racial tune – Malays are loyal only to the Malays and the Malay elite, Chinese are loyal only to the Chinese and Chinese elite, Indians are loyal only to the Indians and Indian elite, Kadazan are loyal only to the Kadazan and Kadazan elite, Ibans are loyal only to the Ibans and Iban elite and the list goes on…even though the consequence clearly and grossly discriminates other races? More glaringly, the spirit of sharing in wealth, knowledge and expertise, is rarely felt among Malaysians. The narrow scope of loyalty has favoured such a scenario of immature human relations even after almost 50 years of independence.

Loyalty to someone or something can get things done promptly. Loyalty to values and principles gets things done fairly, efficiently and within the boundary of those values and principles. The latter form of loyalty demands a shift in thinking, spearheaded by the leadership, from the conventional form of loyalty to a loyalty bounded by values and principles. The shift will almost automatically eradicate corruption, submission to the self-centred racial cause and destructive cultures and habits as such loyalty supports not the forces that maintains one’s wealth, power and position, but the idealism of freedom and justice for all. Historically, unexamined loyalty designates the destruction of not only a nation but also of great civilisations.

The people has the power and means to push for reforms and vote those who aspires and wholly committed to do something about the problems plaguing the country without creating excuses and unending request for more time to carry out proper actions.

Fuziah Salleh.

P.S.: Where lies the loyalty

(1) of those who blew up the body of the Mongolian citizen?

(2) of those who authorise the RM600 million to be spent by UMNO Divisional Heads by year’s end?

(3) of those whom conspired against Anwar Ibrahim?

(4) of the SPR which shows no integrity in ensuring a fair election?

(5) of those who decide to neglect Proton and MSC and setup the biotechnology sector?

(6) of those local government councillors who flout the laws that they are supposed to enforce?

(7) of the BPR with its lacklustre performance?

(8) of those rounding up citizens under the ISA?

and of many others under the BN era for many other cases.