Tracking Fuziah

February 18 onwards

Please refer to the Malay Version: Jejak Fuziah (

February 14-17, 2007

Follow-up visits to flood areas (Pahang)

Kuantan Division Meeting

Curtesy Visit to SPR (Kuantan)

Visit PAS members

February 10, 2007

Internal party affairs (Kuala Lumpur)

February 5-9, 2007

Training sessions

February 3, 2007

  • PAS & keADILan Women Convention

February 1-2, 2007

  • Coaching activists (Kedah)

January 2007

  • Throughout the month, visited flood victims in:

Malacca, Pahang & Johore

  • Focus Group (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Coaching Activists (Kuala Lumpur)
  • President’s Visit to Federal Territory
  • Party internal affairs

December 18 – 24, 2006

  • ICT Session (KualaLumpur)
  • Focus Group 1
  • Focus Group 2
  • Focus Group 3
  • Focus Group 4
  • Focus Group 5
  • Internal Party Affairs
  • Coaching Activists
  • Protest against Discrimination Against Chinese Woman at Tourism Ministry

December 11 – 17, 2006

  • Focus Group (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Strategic Workshop(Kelantan)
  • Election Preparation
  • Muslim Intra-Faith Dialogue
  • Motivational Talk(East Coast)
  • Session with Division Activists (Trengganu)
  • State Meeting(Pahang)
  • Coaching Activists (Trengganu)

(Sessions with Focus Groups involve discussion with interest groups which includes the grassroots, academicians, and other interest groups toward achieving collaboration in various fields in the interest of the nation and people).


One Response to Tracking Fuziah

  1. sikajang says:

    How come you did not reply me? Are you ashamed? Let me narrate another story. When your father was the AG, a young officer with a turban [perhaps a born again Muslim] was posted as a legal officer to a place where liqour and porn was the order of the day. This young officer could not take it anymore. So, he decided to appeal to his boss i.e. your father for a change of posting. He explained his problem, but your father replied,’If you have a problem, see a psychiatrist’ and shut the door on the guy’s face. No wonder Allah made him pay, that also for 20 years until a good samaritan called Pak Lah came to his defence and cleared him from the mess. And, who was privy to your father’s disgrace? Who else, if not your boss. Shame on you, your father and Anwar. You people are just ungrateful dogs. You and your Party Khinzir Rakyat.

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