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February 8, 2007


Wajah Politik Baru


Something felt by a photographer…

February 5, 2007

How touched I was when I received the message from my photographer – just want to say to her that I appreciate the issue that she’s addressing and that she continues to pray for me- may God give me the strength to continue to serve the public and to give my best to the people whose hearts I touched.FS

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Hjh Fuziah Salleh, Ketua Wanita keADILan in the estates/jungles of Pahang – today, with the Orang Asli


There are many ways of looking at a picture. My heart is looking at it now. I like this best of all the ones I’ve taken. I see the zest in you. The hope you exuberate. The love spread so freely.

The acceptance of you by the people even without knowing who you really are…

You had been travelling days…I know it must be tiring…but the beauty of you is that it is never shown at any time…the people do not know…and they seek your attention every time they see you; when they don’t seek it, you give them the due attention…”


February 4, 2007



4th February 2007


(i) Quality Childcare & Childcare Subsidy for Working Women

(ii) Valuation of Common Wealth of Husband and Wife before Polygamy


Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil announced last week that women civil servants will be given RM180 monetary subsidy for childcare expenses of each child, while they were working. The subsidy was a form of assistance to receive quality childcare where the total income of a household was less than RM2000.

Today, the cabinet has passed grants each valued at RM80000 earmarked for the establishment of childcare centres at the department through to the ministerial level.

The Women Minister also said that it was her dream that every department, statutory body and ministry each has a childcare and breast feeding centre.

In recognising that our children are the nation’s most important assets, KeADILan Women has released a motion on childcare at the third KeADILan Women’s Congress last year with a press release (on October 16, 2006, re appendix A) for the Women Minister’s deliberation.

KeADILan Women is happy that Datuk Seri Shahrizat as the Women Minister responsible for the affairs of women is now in accord with the dream of so many women activists and NGO movements throughout the country for so long. Such dream has been a significant focus in our struggle to improve the life and state of affairs of women. After such a long vacuum, the Women Minister is now taking action to specifically alleviate the plight of working women which we have voiced continually for a long time; a shameful unnecessary delay which clearly spells disappointment for all Malaysian Women.

The issue of the valuation of the common wealth of husband and wife before polygamy announced by Shahrizat on 8th August 2006 was also part of a recommendation in a memorandum released to her by KeADILan Women (re appendix B)

It is time that Datuk Seri Shahrizat acknowledges the significant and applicable recommendations from KeADILan Women and for the sake of the development of all women in Malaysia, I call on the Minister to remove the barriers of political ideology and differences to continue recognising our applicable recommendation for the successful empowerment of Malaysian women.




February 1, 2007

Wanita keADILan had pre-empted the possible occurrence of irregularities during the Batu Talam by-election through my statement on the 24th January 2007

TPM was also given my stern warning during the press conference emphasising that WANITA KeADILan will be monitoring the voter turnout on polling day very very closely. We also reiterated that we believe completely in the process of democracy and that we will go to all extent legal in ensuring it.

On 28th January 2007, Wanita keADILan sent 12 teams to Batu Talam one for each polling station to observe the election process and observe they did.- like a hawk !!!

We made sure that at least three volunteers guarded the entrance of the polling stations, never left it unguarded even for a moment and counted each and every voter entering the station without fail. They were also equipped with video cameras, cameras and note books or clickers for counting. Lo and Behold, what entailed were clear evidences of numerous irregularities (backed by clear photos, videos and further research). Possible irregularities could be due to the complete absence of election machinery of the independent candidate and the considerable unwarranted aggressiveness of Umno-BN campaign tactics.

( Some of our observations were also reiterated by MAFREL (their comments in There was risk that where MAFREL made its visit, SPR would be on guard.)

There were the usual comings and goings of unauthorised persons into polling areas. There were clear attempt to intimidate voters, observers and passers-by by photographers who position themselves all day long to record people and faces. Ferrying of voters were common occurring, but escorting them into the polling station which is illegal according to our election laws, nevertheless happened throughout the voting day. BN went all out to ensure voters turnout to vote. Somehow BN had to ensure that the percentage of voter turnout will be in their favour. This activity was most notable at Polling Station Hulu Sungai where many Orang Asli who had never voted before came to vote in various types of car. One of our observers saw one of them got sick and threw out his stomach contents. Could it be that he was sick to his stomach of BN’s drumming their campaign into his ears while he was being ferried to the polling station?



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Some BN election workers thronging the streets on polling day


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BN worker in red dress escorting voter in and out of the polling centre

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They looked too trendy for village voters. Also reluctant to be photographed.

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One of the BN election workers who freely went in and out of the polling station.

Her colleague admitted to one of our observers that they were a group who was sent by

their bosses to “take care “ of the polling station here.


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BN cars used to transport voters. Symbols of any sort are forbidden on polling day.