We lost the battle, won the war

January 10, 2007

News of the by-election boycott was imminent among leaders of the Barisan Rakyat (People’s Front). The admittance of the head of the SPR of the weaknesses of the Election Commission were issues which had repeatedly been raised by the opposition. KeADILan had produced a complete report (http://www.malaysia-today.net/Sham_Democracy.pdf ) with hard evidences for the SPR to take urgent and immediate action to reform the Commission. None has yet materialised.

Thus, the by-election promises an unfair disadvantage to the opposition (http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/beritankom.php?itemid=1800).

We urge the rakyat, especially voters at Batu Talam, to support the decision to boycott the Batu Talam by- election and not come out to vote on voting day. As such, it will give a strong indicator of the rakyat’s discontent with the present UMNO-BN rule and render its win totally meaningless.

A government which promotes integrity in its totality, not merely a lip-serving exercise, must ensure a true democratic and fair election every time.

As it is, the SPR has not yet left its image as “one of the component parties of BN”.