Hike in Toll vs Road Tax Reduction

The announcement by the TPM in road tax reduction is nothing more than a reactionary attempt to play down the huge increase in toll and to appease the rising protest from the people.

A fairer reduction would be to impose no road tax at all to counter the inflationary toll cost. To be really fair, toll collections must be reduced as the government has paid in excess of more than RM700 million to the highway concessions.

An increase of 60 sen one way toll means RM24 at least per month, which is about RM300 a year. So, a mere 10% or so reduction in road tax is meaningless to the people. The BN government continues to burden the people and reward the already rich toll companies.

It clearly shows the lack of integrity and transparency of the UMNO-BN led government when it considers that the dealings and agreements with the highway concessions should remain a secret.

A government sensitive to the people’s problem and hardship is what the people are looking for. That empathy is blatantly misssing in the UMNO-BN government.

Fuziah Salleh


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