Protest against discrimination of a woman visitor from China

On 22nd Dicember 2006, I headed a delegation to the Tourism Ministry to submit a protest regarding a woman visitor from China, who had a valid pass to enter Malaysia but was sent home because she lacked sufficient fund and on suspicion that she would be involved in the illegal sex trade.

She was ill-treated by the Immigration officials at the LCC-T complex, not given food and drink and her cell phone taken away from her.

She wished to enter Malaysia to visit her fiance,who was a company director, but traumatic having gone the unfortunate experience with the Immigration Department officials.


Press Statement

22 Disember 2006


Discrimination and Prejudices against Foreign Women from China Must Stop!

A meeting between the Head of the keADILan Women, Hjh Fuziah Salleh and the representatives of the Tourism Ministry, represented by a Special Official of the Minister and its Press Secretary on Friday 22nd December 2006 had raised certain isssues as observed by Wanita keADILan.

The meeting was arranged as a result of an incident where a woman from China was sent home by the Immigration officials based at the LCC-T on 11th December, 2006. She was ordered home even though in possession of a valid pass and multiple-entry permission. Ji Zhe Hua came to Malaysia to visit her fiance but was ordered to return to China because the Immigration officials insisted that she had insufficient funds to stay and was perceived to be involved with the illegal sex industry.

KeADILan Women viewed the situation and other similar incidents as very serious matters. Such action was clearly discriminatory and prejudiced and needed to be eradicated. The negative image acquired may damagingly affect The Visit Malaysia Year 2007, which is just round the corner and where millions have been poured into the project. The risks and losses arising would be enormous and negatively affect the country and the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 campaign.

KeADILan Women demands that:-

  • The Tourism Ministry and the Immigration Department to immediately investigate Ji Zhe Hua’s case and to promptly resolve her attempt to reentry. The incident has actually caused trauma on the part of Ji Zhe Hua in her intention to reenter Malaysia.
  • All government agencies, particularly the Immigration Department and the Tourism Minisry must synchronise their effort effectively and efficiently in terms of procedures in accomplishing government decisions and policies without finding faults and blaming one another.
  • The Immigration Department and all government agencies must eradicate all forms of baseless discrimination and prejudices toward women, especially those arriving from China. Otherwise, all effort and money that has been spent on events such as The Visit Malaysia Year will be futile, wasting the taxpayers’ money and resulting in the country’s negative image.

 KeADILan Women Wing


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