Such a weighty word… “loyalty”. Loyalty breeds thoughts and actions. Creative loyalists can breed creatively “superb” thoughts and actions, though not necessarily the right ones by any standard. Loyalty can also have love attached to it. Deep loyalty will see loyalists sacrifice what they have to please whom they are loyal to.

Blind loyalty to someone or something more often seriously, sometimes fatally, ignores the boundary of rights and wrongs. The creation of loyalty involves much investment in human capital, but those often displayed, accompanied by pomp and frills, are the numerous models of capital tied up in concrete structures and institutions. Evidently, much unquestioned loyalty belongs to the powers that distribute those benefits attached to these structures and institutions.

Has there been a conscious effort to re-evaluate the kind of loyalty prevailing in the Malaysian society where players dance to the racial tune – Malays are loyal only to the Malays and the Malay elite, Chinese are loyal only to the Chinese and Chinese elite, Indians are loyal only to the Indians and Indian elite, Kadazan are loyal only to the Kadazan and Kadazan elite, Ibans are loyal only to the Ibans and Iban elite and the list goes on…even though the consequence clearly and grossly discriminates other races? More glaringly, the spirit of sharing in wealth, knowledge and expertise, is rarely felt among Malaysians. The narrow scope of loyalty has favoured such a scenario of immature human relations even after almost 50 years of independence.

Loyalty to someone or something can get things done promptly. Loyalty to values and principles gets things done fairly, efficiently and within the boundary of those values and principles. The latter form of loyalty demands a shift in thinking, spearheaded by the leadership, from the conventional form of loyalty to a loyalty bounded by values and principles. The shift will almost automatically eradicate corruption, submission to the self-centred racial cause and destructive cultures and habits as such loyalty supports not the forces that maintains one’s wealth, power and position, but the idealism of freedom and justice for all. Historically, unexamined loyalty designates the destruction of not only a nation but also of great civilisations.

The people has the power and means to push for reforms and vote those who aspires and wholly committed to do something about the problems plaguing the country without creating excuses and unending request for more time to carry out proper actions.

Fuziah Salleh.

P.S.: Where lies the loyalty

(1) of those who blew up the body of the Mongolian citizen?

(2) of those who authorise the RM600 million to be spent by UMNO Divisional Heads by year’s end?

(3) of those whom conspired against Anwar Ibrahim?

(4) of the SPR which shows no integrity in ensuring a fair election?

(5) of those who decide to neglect Proton and MSC and setup the biotechnology sector?

(6) of those local government councillors who flout the laws that they are supposed to enforce?

(7) of the BPR with its lacklustre performance?

(8) of those rounding up citizens under the ISA?

and of many others under the BN era for many other cases.


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