Criticisms against Anwar

The utterance of a replacement for the New Economic Policy was the result of the apparent failure of the policy to elevate the economic plight of the Malays. It calls for a collective introspective, a reassessment of the national economic agenda in the light of a changed global environment, and the alleviation of the excesses of the ruling political elite, who were the real betrayers of the Malay race.

The personal wealth of Anwar Ibrahim is nowhere near those who accused him of betraying the Malay race. Anwar had undergone the menace of political conspiracy and sent to jail to protect what belonged to the people, including the Malays, from the clutches of nepotism, cronyism and economic rapacity in bailing out losses belonged to the political elite.

The talk against Anwar is purely a political stunt, without evidence, to smear his image. It is, sadly, an inferior means to gain UMNO’s waning popularity.

Fuziah Salleh


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