Working Visit to US

Fuziah Salleh is on a working visit to the United States of America from 30th October to 18th November 2006. She will be meeting politicians (both Democrats and Republicans), NGOs, and business groups during her visit. Her itinerary includes Washington D.C., New York, Kansas City (Missouri), Reno (Nevada) and Los Angeles. She will also be observing the political process of the mid-term election on 7th of November 2006. Part of her programme includes the meeting of Senator Hillary Clinton’s constituency office in New York. She will also have many opportunities to discuss various issues on women participation in electoral processes with numerous academicians, women activists, and professionals.

Some of the planned engagements will see Fuziah meeting young politicians from both the Democratic and Republican Party. Youth activism in politics has been a dynamic force in American politics. Both existing American parties have their youths play important roles in the campaigning and election or their candidates. Many aspiring youths begin their political career through involvement in the Young Republican or Democratic Clubs.

At Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., Fuziah is expected to exchange views with Bridget Welsh(PhD) who is Chair of the Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Studies Group, and a member of the Southeast Asia policy survey team at Georgetown University. Bridget Welsh has extensive knowledge on the political development in Southeast Asia and has previously been a visiting fellow at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

An exposure to a valuable insight in cross-cultural collaboration, which is relevant in a multi-cultural population of Malaysia, that advocates the active and successful participation of young women in civil society development is also to be expected.

Apart from political and women activism, issues of civil liberties and human rights will also be dealt with, particularly when Fuziah meets and discusses the advocacy of transparency in government and defending the rights of all persons in America with the American Civil Liberties Union.

The experience and networking gained during the visit will further strengthen keADILan’s political activism, particularly from the women wing in the aim of promoting and unfolding new politics and new political culture in Malaysia.

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